Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tina Chow in Her Wire Wrapped Earrings

It is incredible for me to look at this photograph of Tina Chow in her own jewelry and realize that I have had nearly every piece in the photograph available for sale at (and only at I might add) RARE vintage.  Well, truth be told, the temple ring has not been for sale at RV - it is comfortably ensconced in bubble wrap in its original parchment box with Tina's glossy inky black signature on the interior in my bedroom.  (How chic is that?!  The signature is not loudly branded on the outside but discreetly and beautifully placed on the interior.  I tried on a great pair of Gucci cruise pants this week but the label!  I felt like I had a billboard for Gucci on my ass and I am sorry but my behind is nobody's billboard.  Thank you very much.)

The earrings that Tina is wearing are very similar to the wrapped rock crystal pair that we just received at RARE vintage.  Beautiful and perfect no?


  1. Love her beauty and happiness and those jewels ... for a time I sold them in my shop, a special time

  2. Oh My Gosh! Really?! Did you keep any? Which pieces did you have at the store? It must have been so much fun choosing amongst those beauties.



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