Thursday, December 22, 2011

Round Hill, Montego Bay

A week ago, I was in the midst of purchasing a huge collection of YSL rive gauche for RARE vintage, Christmas shopping, doing a ton of work for the store and in a panic because I was leaving for Round Hill in Jamaica and thinking that it was complete folly to have decided to go away for a week right before Christmas.  I sat on the plane nervously thinking, I won't be able to relax...  

but then we arrived in Montego Bay, the sun was shining.  Our driver took us to Cottage 9 at Round Hill.  There was rum punch waiting.  And you know what?  All my anxiety left.  I am not even certain when it left - maybe it was the first swim in our private pool (you get very spoiled at Cottage 9), maybe it was the swim down by the sea, maybe it was the second rum punch ; ) or maybe it was when we woke up to Blue Mountain coffee, warm milk and a platter full of mini papayas, sweet limes, bananas and pineapple (I ate more papayas on this trip then I have ever eaten in my entire lifetime they were so delicious).  

But all I know is that when I looked for my anxiety it was gone.  Completely gone.  

Cottage 9 at Round Hill (and a vintage Pucci caftan!)

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  1. So evocative of the lost glamour of the days of Gloria and Babe in the Caribbean. A little Messel mixed with Aaron always pleases the knowing EYE!

    The children are beautiful, and this is a photo for their days in the future to see their elegant Mamma...and Poppa takes a mean photo, but then again it's in his blood.

    Merry 'Marie' Christmas...the cake is baked so have some too!




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