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Merry Christmas from RARE vintage Bazaar Dec 1968

A very Merry Christmas from RARE vintage and from the pages of the December 1968 Harper's Bazaar!!  

I have been a lucky man.  To feel the intimacy of brothers is a marvelous thing.  To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life.  But to feel the affection that comes across from those whom we do not know, who are watching over our dream and solitude, over our dangers and weaknesses - that is something still greater and more beautiful because it widens our boundaries of our being, and unites all living things.  PABLO NERUDA

detail from a figure of Christ in Mexico
Snow White

Lean swept mink overcoat.  Luxuriously sportif in cut.  By Fernando Sanchez for Revillon.

On a photograph of Mrs. Martin Luther King at the Funeral:
Keep, keep your harsh under control.  We fear
that if you wept, we would lose all,
as if not only a tear,
but the hovering sky would fall.  PAUL ENGLE

pajamas undulant
as sea birds.

Strega's blowy, broad bands of white ostrich feathers that encircle - enchantingly - a loose limpid organza overblouse and wide-legged pants.


Short thigh high alligator printed vinyl dress  and all-in-one alligator printed vinyl with great geometric side cut-outs, separated by a bold center strap, reveal a sun-bronzed midriff.  Both dresses by Ginori.

Italy: Buon Natale

Federico Forquet's white feathers, rampant on a short jacket shimmering with amethyst and topaz sequins and beads- the feathers gaily cascading forth.

Paris: Bon Noel

Saint Laurent's smoky late-hour dress.  Vapors of taupe-greychiffon falling over from a narrow neckband, its fullness caught at the waist with a grey satin ribbon tied in a bow.  Transparent sleeves, gathered into narrow cuffs.  Another of Saint Laurent's inspired use of silhouette- defined but mysteriously caught in the billowing smoke of the chiffon.


Woman of the Year:
Mrs Robinson

Tidbit of the Year:
Marijuana Brownies

Baby of the Year:

Loss of the Year:

transparencies: softly 

Bill Blass' seductive at-home see-through organdy.

Marlene Dietrich and Chanel.  They were the first well known women to wear trousers.  Marlene's were well tailored and slightly masculine.  Chanel's were extremely feminine and she made them even more so by her élanic way with necklaces.  Because although a necklace is only a necklace, it has never been so for Chanel.  For this remarkable woman, necklaces in the plural were the thing, and nobody, but nobody, has ever been able to mix them and wear them with such élan.  GLORIA GUINESS

Ears on wings
of diamonds... legs in smocked white velvet...
a Christmas mystique.

Dangling against the face, the supreme jewel to covet: a single,perfect, seven-carat pear-shaped diamond from Harry Winston.

At sunset, at dawning,
at the edge of the mind's eye,
there is a silence and the
trafficking of wings soar-
ing upward in the winter sky.  All is quiet
- restless with the impatience
of that greater glory that now descends
upon us.  Angels, birds
in flight, we are one in Christmas. 

Who and What:

All photos and text from  Harper's Bazaar.  December 1968.  Editor in Chief: Nancy White.  Fashion Editor: China Machado.  Fashion Feature Editor: Nan Kempner

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