Monday, December 26, 2011

What Were You Wearing Christmas Morning?

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and received exactly what was on your wish list (I know I did and I did not even know I was wishing for it.  Thank you to my most wonderful husband!).  I hope you looked like this Christmas morning:

Lee Radziwill photographed by Mark Shaw from Habitually Chic

I, unfortunately, looked more like this:

But in my head, I looked like this:

And why shouldn't a girl wear a red gown and white gloves for Christmas morning with incredibly  coifed hair?  Hmmm??  Another beautiful photo by Mark Shaw from Habitually Chic

Okay, well so what if I had bed head and my children awoke when it was still dark and I had to stagger out in my pjs to see what Santa had left under our tree?!   Charlize Theron out and about in pjs still does not look so bad - even in Uggs.  (Here I have a confession: I am ashamed to admit but I own a pair of Uggs slippers.   They are pale pink and fuzzy and incredibly soft.  Above mentioned husband when he saw them said, Oh those are sexy.  Well, we girls can't be in high heeled marabou feathered slippers all of the time can we?)  I may not look like Charlize Theron but one thing for sure Miss Theron, I have never been out of the house in my pjs!  The photo of C.T. is actually from the film, Young Adult, and I am sure Charlize has never been out of the house in pjs and she probably wakes up looking like this:

I am off to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  This is what I am wearing:

At least in my head ; )  See you tomorrow on the blog with LOTS AND LOTS of new things for RARE vintage!!  

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