Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Would Elizabeth Taylor Wear?

Elizabeth Taylor would wear something gutsy and glamorous and something that would set off those lavender eyes.  After a private walk through this morning of Elizabeth Taylor's collection of couture and jewelry I confess to being slightly surprised by the collection.  I absolutely thought of her as a jewelry person and her collection is just incredible.  And you know it is also a really joyful collection - you just sense Elizabeth Taylor's happiness and delight in her jewelry.  The big Taylor Burton cut cornered rectangular cut diamond, weighing approximately 33.19 carats and flanked on either side by a tapered baguette cut diamond, mounted in platinum ring (sounds delicious doesn't it?!) was blinding.  I really wanted a better look but whatever angle I tried to view it from, it just shined brightly back at me.

But I did not necessarily think of Elizabeth Taylor as a fashion icon.  Of course, she was stunning in the slip and fur coat in Butterfield 8 and in the bathing suit in Suddenly, Last Summer.  But there are some really great pieces there.  So when I was walking through I thought Elizabeth Taylor would look amazing in our spectacular Bob Mackie domino.  The woman knew how to make an entrance.  And the woman who wears this will have to know how to make an entrance too.  If you are the shy wallflower type this is not the piece for you but if you are star and a dame then, honey, this is exactly what you are looking for!

We actually had this same piece awhile back in black and Shalom Harlow had worn it to the Met Gala opening of The Model As Muse.  Hamish Bowles declared Shalom the best dressed of the evening and I saw her that night too and she was best dressed.

Please note that the color looks slightly harsh in this photo and it is actually a much softer lavender.


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