Monday, December 5, 2011

Kisses from Larry LeGaspi and RARE vintage!

Okay.  So that is not something I ever thought I would be putting on the RARE vintage blog.  But there it is: Gene Simmons from Kiss and his famous tongue.  Why?  Why you might ask?  Why would I subject our poor readers to such a thing?  

Because my little monsters (we are still feeling very Gaga here at RARE vintage; ) I have bought a few pieces by Larry LeGaspi.  Who?  Larry LeGaspi darlings.   Larry Le Gaspi who had the ultimate in future-arama chic on Madison Avenue in his store, Moonstone which was all silver, with a floor textured like the surface of the moon and a twinkling sky overhead. 

Larry LeGaspi went on to design costumes for Funkadelic, Patty LaBelle and Kiss.  This is one of the great things I love about vintage: the unexpected.  If someone told me, you are going to open a vintage store and you will carry pieces by a designer who designed costumes for Kiss, I would not have believed it.  But I absolutely love this gown with a cape with gold cording.  It is sexy, outrageous and fun. Happy clothes for happy people.  I know that the woman who had this dress had a very good time in it.  In fact, she had such a great time, she had them in every color!  

Boys and girls, Larry LeGaspi:

See how amazing the dress is?!



  1. How wonderful to know Larry has not been forgotten! He was my cousibpn & best friend throughout our lives. I own so many of his dresses & have worn most of them numerous times over the years. I must say that I've never worn a LeGaspi that did not elicit lots of attention. I was (& am) always proud to say my outfit was made by my talented cousin!
    FYI: In the 1990s he also became a sculptor and painter--both of which he excelled at. He even had a one man show of his sculptures at the Suzanne Brown Gallery in Tucson, AZ.
    Thanks for including him on your site.
    Cathie Shultz

  2. Cathie,

    If you happen to see this message, would you drop me a line? I'm a writer, trying to learn more about Larry's life.

    Sean Howe
    seanhowe at gmail dot com



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