Friday, January 20, 2012

All That Glitters is Glamorous Or If I was Going To Studio 54 I would Wear This And Ride a White Horse

I also wanted to add to the title: and If I Was in a Guy Bourdin Photograph I would Wear This.  But that would have made the title kind of long even though if-I-was-in-a-Guy Bourdin-photo, I would definitely wear this.

The 1970s owned glamorous glitter.  There were slinky silks by Halston,  louche voluminous peasant dresses in vibrant jewel tones by YSL rive gauche, and uber glamorous silk jerseys, dripping with diamantee by Loris Azzaro.  I was really thrilled to recently have been offered a small and wonderful collection of Bill Blass from the 1970s.  The collection is also very uber glamorous and the pieces are beautifully made. Our client went to Bill Blass's studio after the shows and picked the pieces she liked the best (sounds like fun right?!).  

So here is our: All That Glitters is Glamorous Or if I was Going to Studio 54 I Would Wear This and Ride a White Horse and If I Was in a Guy Bourdin Photograph I Would Wear This dress!

1970s berry colored sequin gown with a huge flower by Bill Blass.


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