Friday, January 13, 2012

An Epic Vintage Quest

I am loading up the car, getting ready to hop on the next train, packing up my rucksack, hailing the next rickshaw, putting air in my bicycle tires, saddling up the horse, stealing my children's Razor (which makes sparks!  Whew Hoo!), booking the next flight, putting on my Manolos (what? You want that I take an Epic Vintage Quest in something like hiking boots??  Please.  Be sensible!) and getting ready to set sail on an epic vintage quest to  seek out this Loris Azzaro silk jersey dress with detached sleeves dripping with fringed diamantee which I saw in the new little Assouline book, Loris Azzaro - and decided I just have to have that dress for RARE vintage.

Wish me luck.  It may be awhile before you hear from me again...

And PS: don't those two ladies look so glamorous?!  Love the crocheted beanie with an evening gown - and all those feathers!  (and don't you think they are dishing some good dirt?!)

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