Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Favorites!

A good manicure, like a good man, can be hard to find.  But I am now involved in a monogamous relationship with one amazing manicurist, Gaby.  Gaby was kind enough to let us do a quick, fun little movie on one of her signature manicures - which I call her Over the Moon Manicure - Chanel Vamp nail polish (a vintage classic) with the moon of the nail left exposed (a vintage style manicure in itself).  I also did a little interview with Gaby which is below the video.  Enjoy!

Nail polish: Chanel Vamp.  Manicure by Gaby at the John D'Orazio Salon. 
 872 Madison Avenue.  212.772.1111 

I may stray from time to time but I always return to my BFF: Vamp.  The color of dried blood.  Originated in 1994 (was it really that long ago??) Discontinued and then thankfully re-released in the 2000s.    

About Gaby:  Gaby has been working as a manicurist extraordinaire for thirty years on the upper East Side of Manhattan.  She has worked with many well known socialites such as Audrey Gruss and Ivana Trump.  Celebrities like Raquel Welch, Goldie Hawn and, drum roll please... Barbra Streisand.  You remember the co stars of the film, Prince of Tides?  Yes, that is right, Barbra's perfectly manicured nails.  Done by Gaby. I don't think any more needs to be said but I thought a little interview might be fun.

Juliana Cairone: What is your speciality?
Gaby: Problem nails.  My focus is on the health of the nails, followed by a glamorous manicure!  I am passionate about my work and love what I do.

JC: What is your number 1 tip for a great manicure?
G: Healthy nails start with the correct filing.  That is the main thing.  And maintaining a healthy nail.

JC: What would be your number 1 no no?
G: Filing your nails at home.  (JC: Gulp.  Guilty!)

JC: If you can't make it to the nail salon what do you recommend?
G: Putting a little cuticle cream on while in the shower and pushing back the cuticle with a wet wash cloth.  I like Orly cuticle cream.

JC: Your favorite nail color?
G: Naked Nude by Essie, Wicked by Essie and doing a personalized color based on skin tone.

JC: Whose manicure do you most admire?
G: Barbra Streisand.  I went to Madame Trussaud's wax museum and they had Barbra Streisand and I was very upset because the nails were not perfect.  The lengths were all different, one was jagged.  Those were not the nails of Barbara!  And I spoke to them and they had me teach the artist how to do the nails right.

Gaby believes that a manicure completes an outfit.

A note from Juliana: A bad manicure drives me bonkers.  Because I can do a so so manicure myself I don't want to go out for a so so manicure,  I want to go out for a great manicure.   Gaby...  is simply amazing.  Clean beautiful perfect nails.  And the pedicure... you will just have to make an appointment and see for yourself... 

Gaby.  My Friday Favorite!

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