Tuesday, January 17, 2012

If I Was a Boy

If I was a boy, I would hopefully be as proud of my penis as Daniel Craig (you see we really are heading for: forget the vintage let's blog about Daniel Craig here at RARE vintage.  Well. Almost.  Not really.  Previously posted Chester Weinberg jumpsuit made me forget ALL about what's his face...).  

But back to Daniel and his penis - see here.  And besides being very tongue-in-cheek (interesting choice of words!) if I was a boy, I would wear Prada come Fall 2012.  What a cracking collection!  And what inspired casting!  Really fanciful and wonderful - and how many times can you say that about men's clothing (yawn).  But this is really amazing.  For the boys.  Get your credit cards ready...

Gary Oldham:

Willem Dafoe:

Adrien Brody:

Eddie Klint:

Jamie Bell:

Gerrett Hedlund:

All images courtesy of Style.com  Prada Fall 2012

And if I was dating one of these dandies I would wear a romantic Bill Blass from the 1970s  (you know, to get some action!):

1970s Bill Blass tulle and jersey gown.  Size 4.

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