Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who What Wear Wednesday!

Who, What, Wear Wednesday is here!

Stylish inspiration from stylish girls for our RARE vintage blog readers.

Last January at the couture shows Victoria Traina wore Nicholas Ghesquiere's for Balenciaga leather and mongolian lamb biker jacket.  

Victoria Traina in Balenciaga. Photo by Tommy Ton.

And I was obsessed!  I love a truly amazing piece of fashion that makes your imagination soar and your heart palpitate with excitement.  So the hunt was on.  I immediately start calculating where I might be able to find the object of my obsession.  Panic set in.  I realized its January and the sales have already been for long enough that everything is thoroughly picked over.  Forget the fur and that it is cold and January, gauzy Missoni caftans and Eres swimsuits are in store now.  

More panic sets in.  Because of the economy most stores ordered very conservatively and this coat definitely looks a tad on the expensive side which means probably no one ordered it.  Relax.  Relax.  Dar!  The Balenciaga store in no man's land on West 22nd Street.  ALL the way over on West 22nd Street where there is no parking and there is always a cold wind blowing.  Why are they there??  Pick up the phone and call.  I don't know if you have ever tried calling the Balenciaga store in New York but no one ever answers you have to leave a voice mail.  So I wait impatiently for the return call.  

The phone rings.  My heart sinks.  The ship has sailed.  Gone baby gone.  

A year later and I am still obsessed.  But you know I am not one to give up and I am just remembering that Balenciaga has an outlet in Westbury Commons...

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