Monday, February 6, 2012

5 Years 5 Gifts Vintage Contest Winner

So speaking of Madonna, I wanted to share one of the winning stories (you will have to read on to understand the Madonna connection) from one of our readers for our 5 Years 5 Gifts contest to celebrate the fifth anniversary of RARE vintage.  

I love that pieces of clothing or accessories that we buy become a part of our lives, a moment in our history and a story to remember.  My store, RARE vintage, is filled with memories and happy times.  

To everyone who submitted a story thank you for sharing your memories and your happy times with me and our RARE vintage blog readers.  Beauty is found not just in the objects but in the stories too.

Submitted by R.

" I own a pair of Ruby Slippers, ordered in 1996 at BARNEYS NY located in Beverly Hills which had just opened weeks before. They were for a Gala Garden Party at LOTUSLAND. These beautiful shoes are forever connected to a great Artist of our Age, Madonna. We were in the process of selling her our Wallace Neff home which I had restored lovingly in Los Feliz, 'Los Pavoreales'.

1996 Stephane Kellian 'Ruby Slippers'

She arrived with many people for a pre-set appointment. I mentioned at the time I set the appointment that we had a trip to ready for, but that I would accommodate her request for a couple of hours for measuring and photographing. 

Time sped by when I said we must leave. She asked to stay longer alone within the home with her entourage. I said she was welcome to stay with her entourage outside for as long as they liked, as my groundskeeper was on hand, but I must get to Beverly Hills to pickup shoes that had just come in as a special order from Stephane Kelian Paris. I was to wear them the following afternoon with a 1920s embroidered lace on tulle lawn dress. She looked at me long, then turned immediately and told her realtor to hop in his Jaguar and run over to Barneys NY and pickup my shoes. Silence, and ALL eyes turned to me.

No, I replied as I needed to try them on for fit. Well, EVITA was on everyone's lips all around the
World -YOU can guess the rest..."

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