Monday, February 27, 2012

Into The Gloss: Oscar Prep with Natalie Portman!

I was so excited to see this post on one of my favorite websites.  I love reading Into the Gloss.  The stories about creams, make up, facials, hair... it is all very personal and sometimes the posts are really funny and  you get great tips.  I found an amazing woman for eyebrows on Into the Gloss: Yasmin at Haven Spa.  And I almost passed out cold onto the floor and needed to be revived with a good strong whiff of lavender when I got the bill: $20!  I don't how much you pay for eyebrow shaping but I was use to about $100 which is kind of crazy for just two little ol' eyebrows.  But anyway back to this incredible post on today's Into The Gloss.  

Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman's Oscar Prep.  Yes, you read that right!  Thank you Kate!  And I agree, it was definitely meant to be!

Talk about getting close to the action. Kate Young, the superstar stylist and self-proclaimed beauty fanatic, spent the last few days in Los Angeles getting her friends Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams ready for the Oscars. Today, she shares her behind-the-scenes snapshots and her story exclusively with ITG. Enjoy!

“Natalie’s dress is amazing. It’s an actual 1954 spring couture dress, from Rare Vintage on 57th street in New York. We borrowed it - she was actually going to wear another dress but then I got a call from the woman at Rare Vintage and she was like, ‘You should see this dress for Natalie.’ So we went and she put it on, and it needed zero alterations, and Natalie was like, ‘This was meant to be, wasn’t it?’ And I said, ‘I guess it was.’

I really love this detail photo of the Dior dress:

You can read the entire article here (and be prepared: you will want to stay and go through all of the archives!)  Enjoy!
All photos from Into the Gloss

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