Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentino Goes Nutty

Lush florals!  50s hot rods!  African tribal prints!  Animal prints!  Hearts!  Audubon imagery!  The Spring collections are a veritable plethora of prints.  

But I think we can safely say that this 1970s Valentino ensemble is the nuttiest.  I love that it is a full on pop of nuts.   Is it a macadamia?  Is it a hazelnut?  Who cares?  You can be a nutcracker and break the pieces up and wear them separately or you can wear all three pieces together: yes, that's right!  Three nut print pieces!  You've got your hazelnut silk blouse, you've got your hazelnut cotton velvet maxi skirt and you've got your hazelnut jacket.  Street style photographers will clamour for your photo and squirrels will adore you!  What more could you want then to be adored by a squirrel?!

1970s Three Piece Valentino 'Nutty' Ensemble.  Size 4.


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