Thursday, February 2, 2012

What to Wear for Super Bowl Sunday

The Giants’ defense has improved since the last matchup. They’ve gone to a big nickel base, meaning safety Antrel Rolle starts at outside linebacker and the backup safety Deon Grant starts in place of Rolle in the defensive backfield. Don’t be surprised if these two cover the tight ends. 

WTF??  I have no idea.  I didn't even write that - some Dude from the NYT did.  Big nickel base?  Antrel Rolle? Is that a name or is it a play??  But as a New Yorker I am actually kind of excited about the Super Bowl.  I may even go to a Super Bowl party, drink beer and eat chicken wings.  So naturally that got me  thinking what to wear if I do go to a Super Bowl party?  I was pondering this

champagne colored silk gown from Bill Blass.  It has blonde sable cuffs.  Drapes sensuously to the body.  What do you think?  Would I be a tad over dressed?  Should one drink beer in something like this?  I feel like some dazzling mad cap girl like Carole Lombard would wear this to a Super Bowl party and then go duck hunting the next day in red thermals with hubby Clark Gable.

Can't wait see Madonna's halftime show and the ads!  Still trying to decide what to wear.  Oh yes.  And the game...  Go Giants!

This is a part of our 1970s Bill Blass collection from a single owner.  These pieces are so beautiful and so beautifully made.  Not your usual vintage store Blass (of course ; )  Size 4/6.


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