Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Feeling Strongly About Marlene Dietrich, Arched Eyebrows and Old Widows"

RARE vintage Beauty News

I love Emily Weiss's blog Into The Gloss.  It is all about beauty and stories.  It is really interesting how personal beauty products can be and that is one of the things I love about her blog; she just lets people ramble on about the things they use and love.  

The funny thing is that I am not really a make up person.  I don't wear a lot of it and I am not too experimental.  But I like the idea of getting inspired to try something new.  And it was from reading Into the Gloss that I discovered how brilliant Tom Ford's makeup line is (and it is nasty free: no parabens, etc).  But what I love are beauty products.  Now I use only organic products but I am always on the look out for the next great product that will combine nature and science.

Anyhoo, Emily just did a story on Jessica Noghes-Menio a student from Paris.  I think what first grabbed my attention was her vintage fur.  She looks super glamorous.  And she has a very personal vision of beauty.  

"My Dad is from Madagasgar, and my Mom is Italian.  I live between here (Paris) and London.  I like beauty that is very cinematic; I like it all looking very static.  I feel very strongly about Marlene Dietrich.  If there was someone I looked up to in terms of beauty aesthetics, it would have to be her.  For example right now I am really into arched eyebrows.  I'm quite an obsessive person and this is my latest obsession."

"I like a matte face, matte lipstick; I like it so the face looks very one-dimensional which is the opposite of what everyone else wants.  I like it looking very rigid."

"I read about Egyptian Magic on the internet, and then I couldn't find it anywhere, and they had it at this shop called Astier de Villatte.  I really like that shop.  I got my cutlery there, I got all my ceramics there and they had it and I thought this was a coincidence.  But somehow things always happen that way.  If you're looking for something, it will turn up one way or another."

When I was looking for a hair dresser in Paris my friend recommended Davis Mallett.  Initially I had copper hair when I went, and I wanted Givenchy red.  My grandma would tell me things she had done when she was young, during the war, with the lipstick they'd wear and how there was only one shade of hair color available because all the other ones were sold out, and they'd all have the same color where she lived.  I really like that, the idea of having a whole population of all the women with the same colored hair."

You can read the full story on Into The Gloss here.  All photos courtesy of Into The Gloss.  Jessica Noghes-Menio as told to Into The Gloss.

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