Friday, March 23, 2012

Made in Italy

I don’t think you know but I have been in Italy to see a collection. It has been super hectic - you know, a little shopping for the store, a little shopping for my children and I am sure you will be absolutely shocked (or not ; ) a little shopping for lil’ ol’ me.

I tried to find this Jil Sander boot from the Spring 2012 runway show 

but alas this story does not have a happy ending. It seems as fabulous as they are - and impractical - a white boot for spring/summer - but when you fall in love, you fall in love - you don’t worry about technical things like: how will I keep them clean (New York is notoriously hard on shoes and feet) or how often one would really wear a white boot when it gets warm... you only think, won’t they just be perfect with...

but a shoe story with a happy ending was my visit to see Cecilia Bringheli, the designer and founder of C.B. Made in Italy. I first read about her on Cathy Horyn’s blog and I made a mental note to visit her on my next trip to Milano.

C.B. Made in Italy from NYT

Giovanna Battaglia has been out and about in her CB Made in Italy slippers and of course she instantly makes anything look chic. 

I had been pondering a pair of Stubbs and Wootton. I really like the black velvet with the monogram of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor embroidered on the toe.  BUT I have this thing about monogram’s. The Duchess of Windsor had her monogram on everything from her knickers to her handbags but it was hers. Not mine. I may have my chef cut the pieces of lettuce for my salad into exactly the same size and have an enormous and stunning collection of vintage Cartier jewels** but that, my friends, does not make me the Duchess of Windsor.

So thus I had a mental block about the Stubbs and Wootton slippers.

Enter or entrata: CB Made in Italy by Cecila Bringheli.  

Colorful, comfortable, classic and modern. All a girl could want. 

And for the boys: dessert boots, camouflage and other colorful velvet slippers. 

I ordered two pair one in neon pink linen (you see, I obviously love slightly impractical things) with black leather trim and basic super soft black suede. Each pair are made by hand in Italy.  I love when I travel NOT to go to the big stores but to find the small and the unique.  I should have them in a month and I will be counting the days: uno, due, tre...

** of course, my enormous and stunning collection of vintage Cartier jewels exists only in the safe in mind - and what a virtual treasure trove it is! Now, as far as the lettuce... what do you think? True? Not true?  And I certainly hope you are thinking not true! 

You can see more of the C.B. Made in Italy collection on their website here.  And you can order a pair too!
And so you know, they run true to size.

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