Friday, April 27, 2012

Crazy Insane Gorgeousness!

Crazy, insane, gorgeousness is how I would describe this 1987 Chanel haute couture belt.  It is Victoire de Castellane and Karl Lagerfeld at their most playful, indulgent and extravagant.  More was more fabulous in those days of pearls! bows! gold! camellias! leather! and logos!  

Colorful stones and rhinestones are set in gilded metal wrapped in bows and finished off with large imitation pearls.

A similar piece from the same collection can be seen in the book, The Impossible Collection of Fashion, by Valerie Steele.  Published by Assouline.  Which can be all yours if you have a spare $695 (for the book sillies!  Not the belt.  Sorry : )

The Impossible Collection of Fashion.  Available at Assouline


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  1. oh-my-god. this is beyond describable




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