Monday, May 21, 2012

Beautiful Dresses, Beautiful Women: Cannes 2012

The weather has been dreadful in Cannes and I know from personal experience that it is not much fun dragging a long evening gown through a torrential downpour.  Just take a look at poor Isabelle Huppert's soggy gown:

No umbrella for Isabelle?  It looks like she needed Fonzworth Bentley -  P. Diddy's former umbrella man:

And then the wind caught Lily Cole's dress and she flashed a bit of her very sensible looking knickers.  

But wet weather aside, there have been some beautiful dresses on the red carpet and Diane Kruger in particular has been a real stand out.  She has looked super glamorous and like a movie star and you can tell she really enjoys getting dressed up.   In Giambattista Valli:

Looking very Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief don't you think?

And then she wore this ridiculously fabulous Vivienne Westwood gown

Which has a really wonderful late 19th century silhouette but in a futuristic and shiny gold.

I also loved the Versus laced dress that she wore:

and with friends like Karl Lagerfeld you are reportedly given gifts like antique earrings to wear with your Westwood gown: 

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