Friday, May 4, 2012

In a Field of Lavender High Above Monte Carlo

"La Pausa, in a field of lavender high above Monte Carlo."  This was my introduction to Coco Chanel's villa, La Pausa, in Roquebrune as remembered in the wonderful book In My Fashion by former Vogue editor, Bettina Ballard.  Ballard remembers the house as being beige, beige, beige - even with a beige piano.  She remembers a quiet leisurely house in the morning with thermos filled with coffee and hot milk.  Mornings were spent in bed or having a driver take you into town for shopping or to the beach for a swim.  Lunch was a raucous affair filled with gossip and in the evenings Misia Sert played piano and everyone sat in front of the fire.

I have often tried to imagine these visits Bettina Ballard took to La Pausa and I was happily surprised to see a post on Little Augury with lots and lots of photographs of La Pausa.  Little Augury never fails to delight and surprise and inspire me and I think you will be as equally delighted, surprised and inspired with her blog - if you are not already!

Read Little Augury's La Pausa here and enjoy!  

This is my favorite photo of La Pausa's garden.  A perfect place to while away an afternoon with Chanel don't you think?!

Photo courtesy of Little Augury.  Thank you!



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