Monday, July 2, 2012

Before it was on Wallis

Before it was on Wallis, it was in Vogue.

The famous Schiaparelli white organza Dali lobster print gown.

Yesterday in Paris, at the start of the haute couture shows, Maison Schiaparelli reopened in its original site on the Place Vendome.   

Instagram photo from of the newly reopened Maison Schiaparelli
The new Maison Schiaparelli, redesigned by Vincent Darré, is reportedly full of color including of course, shocking pink and details that are iconic and representative of Schiaparelli.  So now the house has a home and an ambassador (Farida Khelfa) and we just have to wait to see who the designer will be...  I know who I would like to see in Schiap's monkey furred booties...

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