Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tailleur by Thierry Mugler

Haute Couture is composed of two ateliers: one devoted to flou (dressmaking) and one to tailleur (tailoring).  

Thierry Mugler is a master of the tailleur.  His dramatic futuristic jackets made women look like super sexy, super heroine, femme fatales, were perfectly draped and cut.   Despite a certain amount of I am Woman, Hear Me Roar caricature to Mugler's designs there is a crisp precision to all of his clothes.  

Thierry Mugler suit.  Collection Met Museum.
They may be softened by a peplum 

1989 Mugler suit from RARE vintage.  Sold.

like the sequin edged scalloped peplum on this 1989 jacket that we had at RARE vintage awhile back.

The fit was irresistible to women and they flocked to Mugler's suits.

Thierry Mugler suit photographed by Helmut Newton 

and the same suit which we presently have at RARE Vintage for all of you Mugler/Helmut Newton vixens...

Mugler suit.  Available at RARE vintage.


A Mugler suit in a Neiman Marcus catalog back in the day

and a modern day Mugler muse.  So cool don't you think?!  I love this look!

Here is a new, crazy beautiful Mugler jacket in an amazing pearl colored silk organza with a wave detail collar and waist cinched by a signature Mugler silver belt buckle (belt is signed Thierry Mugler) at RARE vintage.  I'm thinking how incredible this jacket would look with a pair of high lace up boots...

Mugler pearl organza jacket.  Available at RARE vintage


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