Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Chloe Girl: The Barefoot Boheme at RARE vintage

Isn't it wonderful that the Egyptian-French founder of Chloé, Gaby Aghion, 91 years old, was able to celebrate 60 years of the Chloé label with an exhibition, Chloé Attitudes,  at the Palais de Tokyo?!  The Chloé girl is a barefoot boheme, a free spirit. We are celebrating the house of Chloé at RARE vintage with this spectacular Memphis-style print silk dress with a flyaway panel on the back.

The Chloe woman has been photographed by Guy Bourdin

Photo by Guy Bourdin.  1979

She loves a light, casual chic frock, inspired by the Bauhaus or the Memphis Art movement.  And we are thrilled to have this late 1970s/early 1980s Memphis-style print silk dress with a fluttering flyaway panel on the back of the dress in yellow with a pink and blue trim.

"Chloe's fashion director at the time, Karl Lagerfeld, turned to art books for inspiration: he tore out a page whenever he found a cubist or floral motif that he liked.  Then four draughtsmen were in charge of reproduction, before the silk and wool merchants carried out their meticulous work.  I found scarves that as a child I stole from my Mom's wardrobe to dress up my Barbie dolls.  I thought they looked much prettier and much more elegant dressed up in Chloé."   Helene Schoumann.  Daughter of the owner of the Chloe boutique.

A few images of the barefoot boheme Chloé girl from the Assouline book, Chloe:


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  1. who was the woman that worked with Karl at the end of his stint there? I thought she was actually the official designer at one time? maybe she was there somewhere between Sitbon and Stella..?



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