Monday, December 10, 2012

All the Cool Girls Wear RARE vintage: Camilla Nickerson

I am certain as a die-hard, card carrying member of the fashion obsessed community, you watched on HBO the documentary, In Vogue: The Editors Eye this past weekend.  Maybe like me you watched the documentary and you are reading the book!

It was fascinating and fun and I was delighted to see the uber talented, Camilla Nickerson, wearing a vintage YSL silk blouse that she bought at RARE vintage.  

Camilla Nickerson In Vogue: The Editor's Eye wearing YSL from RARE vintage.

She wore it exactly the way I love a YSL silk blouse: sexy and casual with the sleeves rolled up and the scarf tie left undone.  I feel that the YSL woman is always the most chic when she is a little deshabillé.

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  1. I loved the documentary-especially her point of view-and goes w/out saying the blouse is terrific. pgt



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