Thursday, January 3, 2013

One of One: Kazuko: The Gold Collection

Part Two in a Three Part Series on a Single Owner Collection of Kazuko

To see more Part One of our Kazuko collection or to read more about the unique Kazuko click here.

It is interesting to see where fate takes us.  I never would have known that my early passion for fashion and for vintage fashion in particular would eventually lead to a store on 57th Street but here I am and loving every moment of what I do.  Kazuko collected antique textiles and beads and then she began making scarves from her collection of fabrics and adorning them with the beads she collected.  And from there she started wrapping stones with silk threads and when the silk did not hold the stones she began using gold wire.  And from there began a career that would take her signature jewelry to Barneys and for years that jewelry greeted everyone who came into Barneys. 

You say Artist, Kazuko says Artisan.

"I wanted to do something from my hand and from my heart" Kazuko said.  The first jewelry she created for Barneys were single quartz crystals wrapped in gold to be pinned on.  Then she started doing hearts wrapped in gold.  "Barneys is not a heart store" said Judy Collinson, executive vice president of Barneys. "But she kept bringing them back" and Barneys did become a 'heart store'.

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