Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One of One: The Unique Kazuko: The Scarves


Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else

Or the opposite of mass produced luxury fashion or fast fashion.  You and I are drawn to vintage because of its uniqueness and because we want to have something that no one else has.  I think in a global economy that is the definition of true luxury.

This is Part One in a Three Part Series on  a Single Owner Collection of Kazuko

Kazuko, a Japanese born artist and jeweler, created unique pieces of textiles and jewelry by her own hand.  She sourced the crystals, the semi precious stones and the antique beads herself.  She wrapped her jewelry in thin wisps of gold or silver wire or more boldly in a web of heavier gold wire.  Each piece was wrapped by hand with the wire gently holding or encasing the stones.  Sometimes with bits of amber, coral, turquoise interlaced on the wire and adding a note of joy and color to each piece.  

Pieces were often accompanied with a note written by Kazuko on black Japanese paper and in gold ink Kazuko would write: One of One Healing Sculptures.  One of one meaning each piece was unique.

In the early 1980s Kazuko began making "healing scarves" made from pieces of antique textiles, silk kimonos and silk tulle and to which she attached crystals and beads.  She famously made the white tulle bridal veil edged in 1930s mercury glass rice beads for Madonna's "Like a Virgin" video.  

I was so excited to be shown this small, beautiful and intimate collection of Kazuko jewelry in silver, gold and most extraordinarily: The scarves! from someone who was good friends with her.  But I think Kazuko would be delighted to know that the jewelry she created from her heart and her hands which meant so much to her and to those she created it for, are making a new generation of collectors happy - and safe whether or not they or you believe, as Simon Doonan called Kazuko "The crystal packing Mama's" ideas of good vibes and the powers of crystals to heal and protect.  It's not bad to know that Kazuko has still got our back.

A rare mid 1980s Kazuko healing scarf made from antique kimono, circa 1900s African beads and 17th century trading beads:

Kazuko mid 1980s healing scarf made from antique silk kimono and hand beaded.

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