Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Halston Uniform for Day. Part Two. 1970s. A Single Owner Collection.

Kate Moss, Carine Roitfeld, Lee Radziwell, Carolyn Besette Kennedy, the Duchess of Windsor all have or had a uniform.  Not a drab Mao-ist style uniform but a uniform in the sense that these super stylish women each knows what works for them,  they know who they are and they know exactly what to buy.  They get it right almost every time.  

I tend to be a little too all over the place.  Sometimes when I am shopping, I get confused, and think, oh this looked really great on so and so and bring it home and realize that it doesn't work for me.  So one of my New Year's resolutions is to be more true to moi and work on my uniform.

Women who wore Halston back in the day, always speak about a Halston uniform.  Halston's fashion designs did not wildly swing from season to season.  He worked on an idea.  One of ease, comfort, quality, simplicity, sexiness and glamour.  And there, voliá! you have the Halston uniform.  
In 1971, when Grace Mirabella was named editor of American Vogue after the fashion fantasy fueled years of Diana Vreeland, chose an all Halston wardrobe for her first trip to Paris to see the haute couture.  "If I wanted to be more dressed, I'd wear gold and charmeuse.  If I wanted to be less dressed, it would be matte jersey.  If I wanted bare, I would take off the jacket and the top would be bare down the back.  And if I wanted ornamentation, Halston would provide a perfect little drop of some accessory designed by Elsa Peretti."

This is part two in a five part series on an exceptional sale of  1970s Halston that we are having on 1st dibs.  So cue the Sister Sledge and get ready for your Halston moment.  

Halston electric blue jersey dress

1977 Halston dot print silk bias cut dress with kimono sleeves and self belt.

Halston bias cut print silk ensemble with self belt.

Halston black linen wrap dress.

Halston cashmere hooded sweater and skirt.

 All items are available to purchase on our 1st Dibs storefront by clicking here.

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