Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Superbowl Pre Show

So the Superbowl Pre show should be starting soon and I am beyond excited to see what the fellas will be wearing. I expect to see lots of spandex, big should pads... Hmmm... Anything else?  Mermaid gowns ? Probably not. Calvin Klein underwear?


I can't wait for all of the action to start and by that I mean not the 11 minutes of actual game time (yawn) but the drum roll please, the Commercials!

My husband is looking forward to the game or maybe he is interested in the commercials too - like this one from Mercedes.  And what is so interesting about a girl washing a car in slow motion anyway : )

Enjoy the Super Bowl whether you are watching it for the pre show, the commercials, the half time show or maybe even for the actual game itself - or maybe like me you are watching it for the commercials and noshing on the food.  Back with vintage tomorrow!

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