Monday, April 8, 2013

Margaret Thatcher Dies at 87

Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady, died today in England.  You might wonder why I am writing about Prime Minister Thatcher on my vintage fashion blog - but even though I may not have agreed with her politics, you have to admire Britain's first female Prime Minister - and longest serving at that.

She was also a fashion icon - of sorts... 

Margaret Thatcher with Zandra Rhodes

She favored suits with soft silk blouses, pussy cat bows and pearls.  But as much as a uniform, I think it was also her armor.

and then, of course, there was the hand bag...

"Why don't we start? The handbag is here." Nicolas Ridley during a meeting with Margaret Thatcher when she had briefly left the room.

The hand bag as weapon is a classic: you know, some old lady beating a purse snatcher with her hand bag.  

And the handbag as a symbol of power is particularly British: The Queen is rarely without a handbag.  Margaret Thatcher even had a political term coined "handbagging" regarding her often brusque style - and her hand bag.

Someone said Mrs Thatcher's bag was a "portable filing cabinet" (I don't know about your bag but mine is a portable - and very messy - desk).

In 2000 a black Salvatore Ferragamo bag that belonged to Margaret Thatcher sold to a Scottish businessman.  It was a gift for his wife who remarked, "It's a lovely bag - the sort you can take anywhere.  But I don't think I will take it shopping."

It was bought for 82,110 Pounds!

In 2011 a black Asprey bag that had belonged to Mrs Thatcher sold for 25,000 Pounds.

Margaret Thatcher and The Bag:

And have you seen the movie The Iron Lady starring Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher??  Her performance is uncanny - I actually did not totally love the movie but Meryl, Bless her acting soul, does Mrs Thatcher proud.

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