Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gianni Versace and the Plump Mermaids

Summer is here!  Finally!  in New York.  And just in time for Memorial Day and summer holidays in the Hamptons, the South of France, Sardinia, Tuscany, Greece...  so my mindset immediately shifts to the hunt for chic resort wear.  

One of my favorite new finds for RARE vintage is this amazing Gianni Versace couture silk top.  I am very selective when buying Gianni's silk shirts because some of them can be, well, a tad too Miami back in the day, for me personally.  

But this one - which has no buttons - it just ties in the front - has an incredible print of plump mermaids floating on the front with their tails wrapping around the side of the shirt was too incredible to pass resist.  There are golden Medusa heads too and then a more restrained (for Gianni who could go a little wild with these silk tops) colorful stripes on the back.  There are also gumdrop yellow buttons with Medusa's on the cuffs - and these are almost one of my favorite things about this blouse.

Gianni Versace's plump mermaids:

the golden Medusa's:

Who I Spys a mermaid tail?

Very fabulous with jeans, shorts, a white pant don't you think?!

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