Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Treat this with Love: Tina Chow

A recent addition to the outstanding and unrivaled collection of Tina Chow jewelry we have had at RARE vintage in New York is this smoky quartz ring:

It comes with its original handwritten note by Tina Chow, noting that it is carved from a single piece of smokey quartz, that it is sturdy yet delicate and to treat it with love.

I have had so many happy days at RARE vintage and I am always grateful for the discoveries that lay waiting in the closet of our clients, their sisters, aunts and grandmothers.  I love seeing what has been held onto - regardless of fit - it is just there because it makes them happy and feel good.   

One of the happiest days at RARE vintage is when a rare piece of Tina Chow's jewelry comes through our door. I sometimes wish we had more pieces by Tina Chow but then again her jewelry comes to us when a client is ready to let it go and only then.  It is often not an easy choice because her jewelry acts as a talisman to the women and men who own it.  And to me too.  It is more then Tina Chow the Style Icon, it is Tina Chow the Artist, the Jewelry Designer, the Craftsman... 

Treat this with love, wear this with care...

A Tina Chow smoky quartz ring with original Tina Chow note . 

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