Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just in at RARE vintage: Pierre Balmain 1960s

There are capes and then there are capes.  This is The Cape.  

Pierre Balmain haute couture 1960s.  It has a wonderful 60s French haute couture feeling of crispness, newness and incredible French chic.  The cape actually has a dropped butterfly sleeve - so no simple slits - it is totally unlike anything I have seen before and soooo beautiful!

1960s Pierre Balmain cape available for purchase at RARE vintage.  Email or phone 212.581.7273
love, kisses and vintage, Juliana


  1. There is nothing better than a cape no doubt about it! I love. for some reason little augury is not updating on your page-I've done a couple of posts on Daisy Fellowes, and Daisy and the new Schiaparelli! come see, pgt

  2. Hi Gaye, I have to find out why Little Augury is not updating on RV page - and I can not believe I fell behind on Little Augury and missed your two, wonderful as always, articles on the forever fabulous Daisy Fellowes! It is so true that so much of what we know about DF comes from the book 'The Power of Style' but I have always desired to know more! Thank you for Little Augury! Always a revelation!



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