Friday, March 21, 2014

Just in: Swans in Schon. A Fine and Exceptional Mila Schon Beaded Dress. Part Two.

In 1966 Women's Wear Daily voted Lee Radziwill and Marella Agnelli Best Dressed.  It was the year of Truman Capote's famed Black and White Ball and Radziwill and Agnelli, Capote's swans, wore beaded dresses by Mila Schon.

Lee Radziwill wore a black and white undulating stripe beaded gown and Marella Agnelli wore a beaded caftan.  One of the hallmarks of a Mila Schon dress from the 1960s is that she preferred not to line her pieces but to duplicate the exterior on the interior.  Thus this silver metal thread short dress with glass beads and clear bugle beads, the interior is as beautiful as the exterior.  The beading is done in a geometric pattern most likely inspired by the modern art Schon collected.

And it is fabulous!  Very Twiggy and very beautiful!  One of the hallmarks of vintage is when someone comes in to RARE vintage and exclaims, "they don't make 'em like this anymore!" and this is a perfect example with the spectacular silver lame fabric run with metal thread and the glass beading.

Just in!

Late 1960s Mila Schon beaded silver metal thread mini dress.  Available for purchase at RARE vintage. or phone 212.581.7273

and a look back at Lee Radziwill's dress from Truman Capote's black and white ball...

1960s Mila Schon evening dress and coat.  Collection V & A Museum.  Gift of Princess Stanislaus Radziwill. 

love, baci and vintage Schon, Juliana

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