Thursday, March 13, 2014

Merci Mlle Chanel, Chanel 1996 Haute Couture

One of my favorite necklaces is a 1996 Chanel haute couture necklace.  Originally I had three but I kept only one and now I wish I had been very greedy and kept them all because I just found this Irving Penn image from 1996 Vogue and it actually describes how the necklaces were made and they look absolutely divine and stunning.

1996 Chanel haute couture.  Photo by Irving Penn

"Caviar pearls decorate the top of this updated version of a Coco design while triangular panels of black caviar pearls cover the skirt.  The same embroiderers strung the matching necklace before it was passed onto the jewelry maker."

Now, the other sad part is that I had the daisy brooch too... well, of course, I am happy for my clients ; )

One of the necklaces I sold...

1996 Chanel haute couture caviar pearl and filigree necklace
love. kisses and caviar pearls, Juliana

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