Monday, March 10, 2014

Style Crush: Sarah Harris

In the wild and crazy streets of fashion week(s) style, there is one woman who really stood out to me.  It is not just her long silver hair that is so striking but her sense of style: comfortable, real, super chic.

Sarah Harris works for British Vogue and I love the way she pairs torn jeans with a great shirt (and an amazing fur like the sapphire blue and white Lilly e Violetta)  a good shoe and simple accessories like a LV agenda and makes it work ready, lunch ready, weekend ready.

Her style actually reminds me a bit of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and I wonder if she were still alive, she might be dressing similarly to Sarah Harris.   Bessette knew and Harris knows how to wear a jean and a classic white shirt and make it look interesting, timeless and super stylish.

love, kisses and best of street style, Juliana

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