Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hot Lips for Haute Gloves

I am wondering if glove makers are enjoying a burst of business with the upcoming Met gala, Charles James: Beyond Fashion, and the dress code calling for White Tie and Decorations?  I will be wearing gloves, but more about that later : )

Causse, the French glove maker founded in 1892, was recently scooped up into the loving of arms of Chanel and joined it's Métiers d'Art - a rarefied and dwindling group of craftsmen and women who supply the handwork of the haute couture.  

And for Causse's special series for Fall 2014/15, they have collaborated with the Parisian designer and Ottoman Princess, Yaz Bukey, on a small series of gloves featuring lips, eyes and fingers with matching cases.  I hope I will be lucky to tuck a pair into my glove drawer next fall...

love, kisses and hot lips for haute gloves, Juliana

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