Friday, June 27, 2014

Gucci Glamour

"Gucci, Gucci, Gucci"

Setting: The 1990s

The place to be: Any Gucci Boutique

What to wear: Gucci, Gucci, Gucci...

1990s Tom Ford for Gucci.  Everyone was giddy, crazy and obsessed with Tom Ford for Gucci.  I HAD TO HAVE the slinky snakeprint dress with the then crazy expensive $2000 plus pink Swarovski crystal shoes - and have them I do.  Patience is a virtue.  I eventually bought the shoes for $250 and the dress for $99 at the Gucci outlet : )

Those wild and crazy early years of Tom Ford at Gucci were glamorous and happy.  It wasn't intellectual.  It was just clothes that were exciting and made you excited to shop.  It was a mood: you could hear clinks of ice in a cocktail or "Racquel Welch, circa 1968, beating eggs, making your breakfast" (how Amy M. Spindler drescribed the Gucci 1995 Fall collection).

So I am thrilled to have these swirly, heavily beaded, super glamorous Tom Ford for Gucci low slung beaded pants at RARE vintage and they look amazing!

Tom Ford for Gucci beaded pants.  1990s.  Available for purchase at RARE vintage.
love, kisses and I want Raquel Welch to scramble me some eggs too, Juliana

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