Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just in: A Rare and Extraordinary Tina Chow Wenge Wood Cuff

Do you remember reading the New York Times (actual newspaper in your hands) and on the third page there was always a box with an ad for Bergdorf Goodman - I use to love seeing those ads.  Here is one from 1989 I believe and it shows a new African inspired rose wenge wood cuff by Tina Chow.  This is such an amazing photo - the model (does anyone recognize her?), the pose and of course, the two wood cuffs.

and so just to make it all that much more amazing, I am thrilled to have a wenge wood cuff for sale at RARE vintage!  Ours does not have the turquoise inlay like the one in the ad - if someone has a cuff with the turquoise, please send me a photo!

Circa 1989 Tina Chow wenge wood cuff available for purchase at RARE vintage

You can see that Tina Chow carefully chose the wood for this extraordinary piece by its beautiful graining.  Even though this piece is African inspired there is a refined elegance to it that is always a hall mark of her jewelry.  It is not only an incredible statement piece to wear but a remarkable objet d'art...

love, kisses and so happy to have another beautiful and rare piece of Tina Chow, Juliana

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