Friday, June 20, 2014

To Backpack or Not to Backpack That is the Question

I am very tempted by this bright camo backpack from Prada...

I have an original mid 1980s lightweight nylon backpack in my closet that I use to carry all of the time, everywhere.  Do you remember those early backpacks?  There was a frenzy for them!  

"I wanted to do something that was nearly impossible, make nylon luxurious..."
Miuccia Prada

But then the frenzy died down, the backpack was sent packing and since then I have associated backpacks with people who are completely oblivious to how much space their big fat backpacks can take up on their back.

But then in a coup de foudre, I saw this neon green camouflage Prada backpack at Bergdorfs and I am wondering to backpack or not to backpack...

love, kisses and think I will backpack : ) Juliana

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