Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Black Swan: Jacqueline de Ribes

Before there was AdR (Anna dell Russo) there was JdR: Jacqueline de Ribes.

"She is the pearl in the king of Poland's ear, the Queen of Sheba's tallow-dropped emerald, Diane de Poitier's crescent tiara, the Ring of Nibelungen.  She is a castle in Bavaria, a tall, black swan, a royal blue orchid."
Yves Saint Laurent

Don't you just wish someone would describe you that way?!

I saw an article about Jacqueline de Ribes from when she launched her namesake fashion line in 1983 with the title: From Riches to Rags.  De Ribes fashion line was clearly a reflection of her own life.  She knew clothes, knew grand parties in Paris and Venice and had long been a couture client when she decided to make her own "pret-couture".  

"De Ribes clothes are frightfully glamorous, like her."
C.Z. Guest


Jacqueline de Ribes in a lace and sequin dress of her own design.


Jacqueline de Ribes lace and sequin dress available for purchase at RARE vintage.

How to wear it?  Wear it when you yourself are feeling frightfully glamorous (which we all need to feel sometimes : ) for a cocktail party.

Buy the 1980s vintage Jacquleine de Ribes lace and black sequin dress here.  Read more about JdR here.

And wear it with:

A Jimmy Choo lace pump with a black patent leather pointed toe.

Buy the Jimmy Choo shoe here.

love and kisses, Juliana

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