Friday, July 25, 2014

Best Dressed: Stephanie Seymour in Vintage Balenciaga

There were some beautiful dresses at the Met gala this year but my favorite (well, besides my friend Regina's 1930s Charles James - and my haute couture dress which was not vintage and I will write about soon) was Stephanie Seymour in a petal pink vintage Balenciaga ruffled gown.  She really looked beautiful.

And the dress!  I have always loved this dress.  She was photographed in it for Vogue awhile back and I loved it then.  But really, what is not to love?  The color (which is much more accurate in the photo below then on the above red carpet Met gala arrivals photos) is stunning, the ruffles are divine, it is 1960s Balenciaga...  You know, I also love and admire that Stephanie Seymour was not adverse to the volume either.  I know, from having RARE vintage, many women will not wear volume of any sort and I thought it was amazing that she wore it and of course, she looked absolutely beautiful.

The dress reminds me of Irving Penn's flower photographs...

love and kisses, Juliana


  1. Like Irving Penn and've put Cristobal magnificent gown and Irving's beloved Poppies in the same vein, Mr. Penn and Balenciaga smile from above.

  2. They really do go together beautifully don't they?!



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