Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bunny Mellon's Well Appointed Desk

There are many wonderful things in the upcoming Bunny Mellon auction at Sotheby's but some of my favorite pieces are Mrs. Mellon's desk accessories.

Rachel 'Bunny' Lambert's very well appointed desk:

A group of gold and bamboo pens by Cartier:

A gold and agate bowl by Schlumberger:

A gold sea shell clock by Schlumberger:

A sodalite, gold and emerald letter opener with an agate and gold letter opener:

A gold sea urchin clock by Schlumberger:

A pair of gold and lapis lazuli picture frames:

A pair of Schlumberger pens, one with coral accents:

A gold pearl and diamond box inscribed ' Happy Anniversary Darling Bun, 1 May 1977'

and I believe Mrs. Mellon had this rock crystal and sodalite rhinoceros by Fulco di Verdua on a mantle but I would keep it on my desk:

Collection of Bunny Mellon.  All photos from Sotheby's.

xo, Juliana

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