Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bare and Beautiful

I like a clean face.  Clean, moist and simple.  Maybe it is an aftershock (long felt) from wearing Chanel purple eyeshadow (the horror) from my lashes all the way to my eyebrows in the 80s when I was in  high school (yikes!  wish I had a photo but glad I do not: ) I do not wear much make up.  And even when I do wear make up, Cliff, my make up artist from Tom Ford for Met galas, etc... peers closely and intently into my face and wonders where exactly the "make up" is. 

But my bare faced 'make up' has been vindicated in the latest Celine ad campaign featuring a fetchingly beautiful and bare faced, Daria Werbowy...

so there! and be bare and beautiful, Juliana

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