Sunday, January 18, 2015

Givenchy's Bedroom and the Bunny Guest Room

I don't know about you but I spend a lot of time in my bedroom.  It is a peaceful place, next to my bathroom where my every morning and every evening is spent amidst elixirs and creams and it is near to my closet.  Bedrooms are important, it is where kids, dogs and bunnies all pile onto your bed, you can read a book, catch up on magazines, cuddle next to your husband, putter around in your closet, discover things you had forgotten about, and at the end of a long day tuck yourself into bed in between Porthault or John Robshaw sheets, relax and dream...  one of the things I dream about and read about are bedrooms.  Two bedrooms I love are in the South of France in Le Clos Fiorentina.

Le Clos Fiorentina has a very storied past which I am sure you know all about.  Since 1985 it has been owned by the retired couturier, Hubert de Givenchy.  Givenchy's bedroom is an oasis of beautiful calm in shades of white, a pale light floor and one of my favorite things about this room is the bench at the end of the bed covered in books.  C'est parfait!

The photo above is a little too yellow and I think the one below is probably a little more accurate.

The other bedroom I adore for its pretty calm and beauty is the guest bedroom Givenchy had made for his great friend and fellow tastemaker, Mrs. Rachel 'Bunny' Mellon.  Mrs. Mellon's room has a canopy bed with crisp blue and white Porthault sheets and a pretty pink chair with a blue pillow.

It is a restful calm place - just as a bedroom should be.  And it has a lovely bath too!

Don't you just love the lion head faucet, the unusual blue and white rattan basket and the linen closet lined in wallpaper with neatly folded stacks of linens and towels.

xo, Juliana

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