Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Birthday Kate Moss!

I think this quote from the artist Marc Quinn really sums up what it is about Kate Moss that has made her such a successful model and a style icon...

"Her image is elusive, and you can never fix it.  Even if you make it in solid gold, another image will appear.  If you think you've taken the definitive photograph, you never have.  It's a special quality, which means she continues to carry on and gets more and more mythical.  It's the mystery of the Sphinx.
Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn.  Sphinx.

A few of my favorite Kate Moss looks:

This is probably a vintage dress but worn with a short slip - looks so amazing and Manolo Blahnik white Mary Janes...  Kate Moss loves vintage and it is just another reason to love her : )

A vintage leopard coat, a vintage creme brûlée colored chiffon dress, a Chanel bag and nails painted a dark red with moons left bare...

in Chanel for her birthday party:

on holiday:

and Kate Moss in John Galliano from yours truly, RARE vintage : ) with John Galliano...

and painted by Lucien Freud...

xo, Juliana

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