Friday, October 31, 2008

A Luxe Look Straight From The Runway Part Two

In an earlier post, on Sunday September 21, we brought you a luxe look "straight from the runway". It was a beautiful cocktail dress by Pino Lancetti that started our hearts pounding the moment we saw it.

RARE vintage has a passion for pieces straight from the runway as they are often the best, most representational work of the designer. We are also firm believers in the relationship between the designer and the client - clothing is meant to be worn. Museum quality pieces perhaps can not be and should not be worn. They should be preserved and collected - but do we also feel that a beautiful Christian Dior ball gown from 1954 should be enjoyed and admired? Absolutely! Sometimes it is enough to know that you possess such an extraordinary piece of art. (This is a discreet hint at an incredible piece of art that RARE has added to its collection.)

Wearable and collectible is a goal of RARE vintage. Not only do we choose pieces that we know will be great to wear but we also select pieces that help our clients build their own collection.

Here is a completely modern cocktail dress from Lancetti, straight from the runway, that will have you channeling AMC's hot series, Mad Men, and your inner glamour girl. No other fabric says glamour like black gazar. Strapless, micro tiers hand sewn will you have swooning and falling in love. Passion and ardor: the stuff a RARE vintage wardrobe is made of!

1950s Lancetti black gazar runway cocktail dress. Size 4/6.

For more information about this item please email or call (212) 581 7273

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