Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Who?

This is another great dress by The Who? that we recently discovered. We have decided to call our anonymous dresses The Who? because there is such a large interest in “who are you wearing?”. But our philosophy at RARE vintage is not, Who you are wearing but WHAT you are wearing and how it looks on YOU. We are very old fashioned in a white glove, pearl necklace, WASP way, that it is you who should be noticed and not what you are wearing that should get all the notice. Of course, our WASP side is not all that conservative and more adventurous much like one of our fashion icons, CZ Guest who had her portait painted by the great Diego Rivera .

Back to our dress. It is a true feel good party dress. Beautiful black lace overlays frothy layers of red silk and netted petticoats. The waist is cinched by red and black sahes that bow in the back with trailing ribbons. The dress is also extremely light and modern looking because of the black lace over the nude color on the bust area. It is very flattering and with a pair of high patent Christian Louboutins, you will be gorgeous and everyone will be asking, Who is that girl??!!

1960s red, nude and black lace party dress. Size 6/8.

For more information about this item please email or call (212) 581 7273

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  1. Oh that's lovely! I love lace overlays!





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