Friday, January 15, 2010

Soft and Floaty

Prints are finally a return trend for Spring 2010.  I think that everyone was gently testing the water with brightly colored, whimsically put together necklaces against a solid shirt or dress and now is ready to embrace a little or a lot of print back into their lives.

I love a print that is sheer, light and floaty like this flowy boho dress from Pauline Trigere. Miss Trigere must have been spending a lot of time in her garden at her house La Tortue when she designed this because boho is not one of the first words that comes to mind when thinking about her designs.  I suspect a secret, soft, flirty side under her apparently tough exterior.

The print is a beautiful subtle paisley.

The sleeves are embellished with a scattering of diamanté.  Brilliant!  So if you have a secret, or not so secret, soft, flirty side this is the perfect choice for spring!  Hmmm... just one more peek at Jesus Luz...

Late 1970s Boho Pauline Trigere Dress with original scarf.  
Dress is lined with a nude slip. 
Size 6. $1100.


  1. Just wanted to say I linked you for a Glamorous award on my blog, because you really do have the most glam things on here, its like a candy store for grown up!

  2. Thank you Pearl!! Sometimes when I am in my pajamas with my hair up in a knot and a mask on my face I don't feel very glamorous but then I think about a new piece for the store - or something I am keeping for myself (it is sooo hard to resist sometimes!) and I can suddenly feel a glamour moment coming on!!



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