Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gone Baby Gone: Jane Iredale "ChocohoLICKS"

Because a girl can not live by vintage alone, I thought that it might be fun to share what to wear, what to use and whatever else I can think of that might be of interest to RARE vintage blog readers.

My name is Juliana and I am a chocoholick.  This is how it happened:

I have this little problem.  I really can't live without it.  I horde it.  I hide it.  I keep it tucked away in drawers, hidden in old bags, I take it out when no one is looking.  I swear that I will cut back.  But I just can't stop.  I need it.  Alright!  I have an addiction to lip balm.  There!  I've said it now excuse me while I go apply some more lip balm...

My favorite is Dr Hauschka's Lip Care Stick.  They claim that it is non habit forming but I know that they know, once you try it, you just won't be able to stop yourself from wanting it and using it all of the time!

Have you heard of enablers?  Well, a certain "enabler", who shall remain anonymous - not:  my mother!  Slipped me a little limited edition Jane Iredale ChocohoLICKS during Christmas.  It came packaged like a truffle from La Maison du Chocolat in a package of four: Truffle, Caramel, Chocolate Orange, and Strawberry Cream.  My mother said it is all natural, free of Parabens, not tested on animals, safe for sensitive skin.  They give a stain of color, a bit of moisturizing gloss and are magically delicious on the lips.   Enablers!  Always giving you what you want!  Now, I am completely addicted to the Caramel.  Is there a Caramelholicks Anonymous?

Jane Iredale Chocoholics
(definitely habit forming!)

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