Saturday, June 5, 2010

Soignée: A Pierre Balmain Gown

Soignée is the perfect word to describe this Pierre Balmain gown from 1947.  He apprenticed with Captain Edward Molyneux before working for Lucien Lelong with Christian Dior.  Balmain opened his own house in 1945 and became known for his lush and elegant designs.  His clients were the Duchess of Windsor, The Queen of Belgium, film stars, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas - excuse me?

Well, so Gertrude Stein may not be our idea of soigné but she did like her couture and was great friends with Pierre Balmain. 

This dress is signature Balmain with its extravagant use of lace and beading and slender and elegant lines.  It is also quite the siren gown with its soft lace wrapping itself around the body.  There is a sense of whimsy with the fuchsia taffeta that wraps over the bust and trails in the back.

You can see how incredible the lace and embroidery with tiny silver beads, tiny white sequins and rhinestones scattered throughout are.

A beautiful dress for a very lucky size 2!

1947 Pierre Balmain haute couture gown with fuchsia sash.  Size 2.




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